HOPE, it’s in you! It just needs a stage (which DHF provides).

Hope Sings! We’re calling aspiring musicians to the stage for an audition!  We’re giving you a VIP opportunity to showcase the vocal talent hiding in you!

DHF believes that most of the talent in the world goes to waste - but we’re doing our part to uncover, empower and elevate the voices that can inspire and magnify the messages of hope that exist in opportunity and in the power of music.

We want to feature YOU in an upcoming music production and music video.  Text a sample of your talent to: 




If you work on the front lines of serving others, our music will elevate you to reclaim your hope and passion for serving others.

Darren Tipton

Darren is the founder and Chief Guardian of Hope for Darren’s Hope Factory.  He’s passionate about asking thought-provoking questions which motivate and challenge leaders - expecting them to take leaps of faith on behalf of humanity.

He has led bold humanitarian service projects all over the world during his 32+ year career.

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From training remote village hospitals on modern delivery techniques to leading efforts to installing over a hundred libraries in rural villages, his focus has always been on working with local leaders and on building hope-full volunteers. He knows that community service heals the heart and brings people (who wouldn’t normally work together) to the same table, where community and shared goals - not division - is celebrated.

He’s passionate about fitness (he’s a Master Personal Trainer and nutritionist), and has a unique ability to draw out the inner-Guardian of Hope in his audiences (he’s a professional speaker). Most importantly, he loves chocolate (in most any form).

Darren delivers. Encouragement for the long-haul. Inspiration to impact the bottom line. A mirror for self-reflection. A shovel to dig out from burnout and from being stuck. A breath of fresh air: yet something more.

In a world seemingly spiraling out of control (yearning for a lifeline), Darren uniquely redefines what it means to abandon the relentless pursuit of hope and Turn Up The Flame (and actually exhibit hope), whether on the front lines of service or as a compassionate neighbor next door. Connect with Darren on Facebook: Darren Tipton or email him at

Danstan Simiyu

Danstan has been Darren’s Executive Assistant for 7 years and he is the Chief Guardian of Hope for the African continent.

Danstan is a natural born leader, refusing to accept anything other than the idea that the day after tomorrow will be better than today (if we believe and build it together) 

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He believes that there is nothing more fulfilling than being of service. He also believes, Guarding Hope means we pull each other up when things get tough and we band together to remind each other, “I’ve got your back.”

Does your soul hunger for a shot of hope? Danstan spends a lot of his time calling out leaders around the world to stand up and band together to say enough is enough! In a world obsessed with what divides us, he embraces the belief that there is more that unites us - and that the Pillars of Hope is the blueprint to being the solution.

Follow Me: I Know The Way. He is determined that hope-full leaders should have bold confidence to stand out as Radica Guardians of Hope.

Danstan is known for his quick wit and ability to make people smile. He’s also known for his culinary skills in the kitchen (ask him to make you green grams and chapati). He graduated from Africa Nazarene University in 2016 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Technology. He also earned a Masters in Commerce from Strathmore University in 2023. He lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

Connect with Danstan on Facebook: Tequan Simiyu or email him at

Joseph Pasi

Joseph is passionate about music - he’s a rapper and aspiring music promoter.He is the marketing guru and talent scout for Darren’s Hope Factory.  Joseph has a knack for discovering exceptional voices and inviting them to a Hope Sings Audition (where many of our hope-full singers have been discovered).  As the director of this program, he plays a pivotal role in bringing exceptional musical talents to the forefront.

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After the loss of his mother (and wondering what he would do next), his journey evolved through music. Discovering artists and creating music come so naturally to him - but his greatest strength evolved from his own life struggles - and the testimony of how Hope can Free us to bring transformational leadership to the world.

Joseph has the biggest smile and his friendly, approachable demeanor helps him build strong relationships with artists, agents, and industry professionals on behalf of DHF.

Joseph's keen eye for talent allows him to identify promising musicians and connect their voices to messages of hope. Joseph's dedication to his craft and genuine enthusiasm for music make him an invaluable asset to both the artists he represents and the DHF marketing team he leads.

To connect with Joseph,

Andy Ililonga

Andy is quiet, unassuming and powerfully dedicated to spreading compassion.  He believes art and music can intersect humanity as the magical element in expressing compassion.  The outward demonstration of compassion requires an individual to look far beyond circumstances and first find the internal expression of what hope and love means to them.

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Andy is the catalyst to spread this concept around the world: When art and humanity meet, we celebrate love and care for each other - resulting in Hope-Filling outcomes. By setting up a small group dinner or party by asking the question: “What does compassion look like to you?” our minds are stoked to expand our beliefs and ideals. When someone paints from the heart how they see compassion, it is no longer an expression of their conventional understanding but an expression of their heart. Sometimes You Whisper through art - expressions as vivid images made from the pen or brush. Imagine a better world where we showed more care and greater love to one another. We only have one world, but so many people are hurting and the only medicine for it is our love towards each other. We all are our brother's and sister’s keeper. One other launch project Andy is helping DHF with is identifying Radical Guardians of Hope around the world. In a world needing role models, we embrace those who help guide aspiring humanitarians. As coordinator of our business activities, Andy lives in Livingstone, Zambia. You can connect with Andy:

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